Ferris Bueller High School is a campaign
setting created by Greg Wirth for Teenagers
From Outer Space
. This website documents
the canon that is. This has been modified for
LARPing at Big Bad Con, but we also have
regular role-playing sessions.

Recently, we have been focussing more on the
LARP aspects than the regular RP sessions.

What makes our LARPs
different from other LARPs is that we marry aspects of technical theater
and multimedia with the player's typical improvised LARPing.

We have done one LARP every year since 2011.
All of the players have left completely satisfied; one experienced LARPer
even saying "They built a spaceship!" in amazement.

In 2012, our LARP, "Attack of the Media Moguls" was the
first to include videos. These videos were the High School Pep Rally and
the Xiggurkrakkit Interview. Both of these videos, along with an interactive spacefield, helped set
the scene using a cheap and easy visual aspect that blew players away.

This year? This year, we plan to blow people away even more than the previous two years.
So don't forget to register for your seat in this year's LARP production! and invite all of your friends!