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OAKLAND- Enraged and crazed by failed attempts at opening a chain of chicken fast food restaurants, the man known to all as "Chicken-Face" vowed that he would establish the best chicken chain possible. Unfortunately, the man felt that to do this he needed to abduct innocent and hardworking members of the community, turn them into chickens, and use their flesh as the main dish in his monstrous eatery.

Attempts have been made to interview the "Chicken Fryers" [the popular name for the group of the five teens (Serenity Rabbitdream, Matt Hex, Amara, Mo-L, and Lailani) that brought down Chicken-Face], however these have turned out to be unsuccessful due to the fact that some members are considered bad luck (because of the tendency for equipment to break and people being injured in inexplicable accidents around them), and others have even acted openly hostile to the interviewers, in one case a reporter was zapped by a sex change ray, multiple times! There was one Chicken Fryer, on the other hand, who openly and enthusiastically spoke to the reporters. Mo-L spoke to many reporters before they started to notice that all it (without a specified gender) talked about was arbitrary facts that only loosely pertained to the discussion, so it was generally considered a lost cause. This has resulted in very little to be known about the people behind the fame.

Thankfully, the police that were involved in the tail end of the investigation were willing to clear up the story and give eye-witness accounts of the teens bravery and ingenuity. The police sergeant said that, after he and his men had fowled up, "[He] watched as Amara temporarily stunned Chicken-Face long enough for Matt to slam him into a wall and disarm him as [Matt] himself got turned into a chicken and Amara got hit with a stray beam. At that point Serenity, with an ingenious gadget that she had invented, slipped out of her cuffs and reversed the situation by zapping Chicken-Face with his own gun."

Mo-L and Lailani assisted the police in apprehending the suspect, rescuing all of the victims safely, and decoding the chicken scratch that helped them study the gun and create a device that would counter it's effects.

Without Amara's dazzling smile and perfect performance, Matt would never have had the opportunity to heroically and altruistically sacrifice himself to disarm and subdue Chicken-Face, allowing Serenity to break free of her bonds and turn the fiend's own newfangled technology against him.

Though the Chicken Fryers were just winging it, they had the overwhelming advantage of ingenuity and teamwork to bring him down. They simply flew in and cooked this chicken's goose. These heroes will be forever remembered for the prevention of one of the most grisly mass murders this city has ever seen.

-- GP